Winston G. Williams is the founder of PS Focus, LLC, formerly WGW & Company. The company began in the legal industry in 1989 providing accounting software consulting and training in the Austin, San Antonio and Waco areas.  In the 1990’s Mr. Williams identified a niche in the legal industry and began offering billing services to law firms.  He targeted small law firms with 10 attorneys or fewer.  The outsourced billing service quickly grew into full service management for his small law firm clients.  He also worked with lawyers in larger firms who desired to reduce their overhead and increase their compensation by starting their own firm.

Today, in addition to providing accounting software consulting and training to law firms, the company also provides management consulting and full back office support (administrative) services for micro/small businesses. For almost 25 years, Winston G. Williams has helped entrepreneurs reach their full potential by providing proactive and effective advice as well as solid support solutions allowing them to focus on their core business services.

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